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To All the Boys that Never Loved Me

Hey girl!

So if you’ve read the first blog post on beingHer digital you’ll know that I love, love but haven’t always felt loved or felt that guys found me attractive. So, Valentine’s Day can be bittersweet.

Like I said before, how other people treat/love you (or the lack of) does not equate to your worth or how much you deserve.

Read that again.

Now say it to yourself.

In T minus 4 days, your Snap or Insta will probably be filled with surprise roses, chocolates and the odd expensive gift.

It’s okay to want to be loved through gifts, expensive items and roses.

Does your school have any Valentine’s Day rituals? When I was in year 10, the boys in my year gave out roses to the girls that they liked. And I’d be lying if I didn’t feel insecure that I didn’t get any (even though I definitely didn’t like ANY of the boys in my year haha) A girl wanted a rose!

Fast-forward a couple of years and I’m hearing that secondary school baes get each other Airpods, LV purses and M O N E Y before either party has sat their GCSE’s?! I was definitely born in the wrong year! ahaha. But, if I’m going to be honest, if we’re still in school, all of that lavish (and it is-lavish) gift-giving is before our time. I would want my boyfriend to get me a gift, roses AND take me to the cinema when we are both unemployed, with our only income being lunch money! I won’t be the one to tell you or anyone how to spend your money but don’t allow witnessing the lifestyle of 20+-year-olds or young celebrities make you feel like you should match that standard too. Or if you don’t meet that standard, that there’s something wrong with you or whoever you may be dating.

I’m not saying don’t want nice or expensive things. I’m not even saying you should stop caring about Valentine’s Day if you do. This is just what I wish someone told me when I was at your stage in my life.

Love yourself as much as you want someone to love you.

If you’re single but would love to be bought flowers, feel no way about buying flowers for yourself.

You may be single but you don’t have to feel lonely. Reach out to your friends & organise a facetime call, movie night or virtual pamper session.


My Movie Recommendations:

Someone Great – Netflix (a personal fav)

The Duff – Netflix

Dumplin – Netflix (a personal fav)

The Wrong Missy - Netflix

Mean Girls – Netflix

All Together Now – Netflix

Safety – Disney+

Enola Holmes - Netflix

Queen of Katwe – Disney+

Clouds – Disney+

Hamilton – Disney+

So Undercover – Netflix

Moesha - Netflix

Oceans 8 – Amazon Prime

If you have any more questions about this topic or want some help then message us on the webchat Wednesdays 4-6PM or DM us on Instagram!


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