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With Love,

The ‘With Love, Anima - Wellbeing & Sanitary Box Initiative,' launched amidst the pandemic to support girls and young women aged 13-23 living in the highest areas of deprivation across London.


The initiative began as a result of a Period Poverty campaign we conducted alongside some of our young people. It was a direct response to the increased needs of girls and young women during the pandemic, as many faced challenges in accessing sanitary products, essentials, and basic food items .


We wanted to create a sustainable, reliable solution that not only addressed these needs but also encouraged personal growth and development.


Each reusable box was houghtfully curated and filled with items designed to cover the specific needs of each young woman, including:

1. Sufficient sanitary pads/tampons tailored to the individual's cycle. 2. Essential toiletries such as wipes and soap, ensuring proper hygiene.

3. A selection of dry food items like noodles, pasta, and fruit to provide basic nourishment and inspire the girls to learn cooking skills for healthy meals.


We were also able to partner with companies like JOY and Palmers, which provided black hair and skincare items in our boxes, ensuring we were catering to the needs of the girls accessing our services. 

Wellbeing & Sanitary Box include:

A reusable box filled with:

Enough sanitary pads/tampons for the girl's cycle

Essential toiletries eg. Wipes/Soap

Small items of dry food eg. Noodles/Pasta

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