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Is Body Hair Attractive? Do we need to shave?

Do we need to shave our vaginas?

Well not really, when we spoke to a female obstetrician, she said that unless having hair causes you discomfort or seems to be the cause of any other health issues-then you medically don't need to. SImilarly for your armpit or any facial hair, if it's not

People who allow their hair to grow in these areas aren't automatically smellier or dirtier than those that shave.

So do we NEED to shave? No.

But it's really all down to what YOU want to do. What makes you comfortable and confident within yourself?

Some people have stopped shaving their armpits, facial/body hair, vagina's because they found the reason they were doing it dissatisfying or displeasing.

It's a social norm that women shouldn't have any facial or bodily hair-even though that goes against our anatomy. So some women have chosen to rebel against it because why should I feel odd/dirty/abnormal for something my body naturally produces??


No one is better or automatically more of a confident person than you because they choose to keep their body hair.

Do what makes you comfortable with yourself. Some people love shaving and find it therapeutic. Some people hate how much time and money they spend on shaving. Some don't care.

Ask yourself “What would I do if x ( insert person/s) wasn’t in my life?” If that’s letting that unibrow grow, then so be it!

Your confidence will speak louder than any body hair.

Free the hair or embrace Veet. Whichever way you sway, remember you are fabulous!

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