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Our Mission


Our Mission is to remove barriers faced by young people from disadvantaged backgrounds and support them to transition smoothly into an independent life, through youth-led projects that address their needs.


Our Vision is that no young person is stopped from fulfilling their best potential, due to coming from a disadvantaged background.

The organisation has directly supported over 2,400 young people to date through direct work, and we have reached 6,000 young people through direct work and via social media. ​


Youth-led is reflected in our values, Anima Youth places a great emphasis on being youth-led. We reflect this in our day to day work by having young people on our Management Advisory Board, additionally for any existing project or a new project that we develop, we ensure that we consult with the young people who live in the areas where we carry out the programmes, to ensure we are tailoring individual project programmes to the needs of the young people from that particular area and community.

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