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Our Values
Youth led value


Youth-Led: As a Youth-Led organisation, we involve young people in our decision making process as Young Advisors on our Management Board. We also consult with Children & Young People in the communities we intend to develop new projects in before commencing ensuring its co-produced and reflective of their needs, moreover, we have conducted several youth-led campaigns including our Period Poverty Campaign, Cost and Cost of Living Crisis Campaign Video. 


Asset-based: Rather than focusing on the weaknesses of young people, we celebrate their strengths and potential. We identify what they are already good at and build upon those qualities to help them achieve success. For example, if a young person is very outspoken, we encourage them to use this to explore career paths in law, politics but also give them opportunities to take part in our YouthVoices project.


At Anima Youth, we are all passionate about the development of Children and Young People, and we work hard to ensure this passion transpires across in the work that we deliver We are passionate about discovering the interests of our young people and help them explore new avenues. We believe each young person has skills and strengths that can be utilised for personal and social development. Throughout all our projects, confidence building is a core outcome, we help them build confidence in their abilities and develop their aspirations
Committed value
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At Anima Youth, we are committed to the Children and Young People. We do not give up on them, no matter how challenging a situation becomes. We take pride in our Strengths-based approach, which means that no matter how challenging a young person presents, we will always find the positive factors within them, and use these as tools to overcome the challenge. We are also committed to helping towards the bigger picture, and working in partnerships with other organisations and bodies to develop and promote what works!
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