Our Values


At Anima Youth, we take a youth-led approach, where we ensure Children and Young people remain at the forefront of every decision we make. This is reflected in our Schools and Community work, where we have Young Project Lead sitting on each Project. It is also reflected in our Advisory Board, where we have a mixture of professionals and young people sitting on the Board to ensure the Managing Director and Staff Team are operating in line with the organisations' values, vision, mission, and objectives.


At Anima Youth, we take a creative approach to every project that we develop and deliver, ensuring the Children and Young People are able to express themselves in the way they feel best suits them!


At Anima Youth, we are all passionate about the development of Children and Young People, and we work hard to ensure this passion transpires across in the work that we deliver.


At Anima Youth, we are committed to the Children and Young People. We do not give up on them, no matter how challenging a situation becomes. We take pride in our Strengths-based approach, which means that no matter how challenging a young person presents, we will always find the positive factors within them, and use these as tools to overcome the challenge. We are also committed to helping towards the bigger picture, and working in partnerships with other organisations and bodies to develop and promote what works!