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About Us

Anima Youth works with marginalised girls and young women aged 13-25, supporting them to navigate the challenges they face, build resilience, gain equitable opportunities and ensure they are able to transition smoothly into independent life. We do this through a range of School/College and Community based Exploitation Intervention, Mentoring, Mental-Health Wellbeing & Careers Guidance projects, taking asset-based approach, focusing on their strengths rather than their weaknesses. 82% of the young people we support identify as Black, and experiencing racial inequality. We ensure we are best placed to deliver the work we do, and work in the communities we work in, through ensuring that our entire team reflect the backgrounds and experiences of the young-people and communities we serve. As a result, all our Senior Leaders, Staff Team, Volunteers and Management Trustees are Women. Our Senior Leadership and Management Trustees are all black women, an 98% of our volunteers Ethnic Minority Women


With a specific emphasis on supporting Ethnic Minority marginalised girls from who are at risk, our mission is to help marginalised girls and young women will build resilience, positive perceptions of their future, navigate the challenges they face, and create positive change in their lives and their communities, in order to transition smoothly into independent life. Our vision is that all marginalised girls and young women will develop into empowered adults where they live a fulfilled and sustained life


Though we primarily support girls and young women, we have widened our School based Projects, to involving young men in our work especially around general discussions on Violence Against Girls & Young Women, and Misogyny as believe its important to equipt young men to become allys and advocates for young womens issues. 


We work with several schools across London to deliver various School Interventions including our:

beingHer Project

myMindCare Project


Please take a look at video on the right to get a better insight into the work we do in schools.


We work across London Borough including:

Southwark, Lambeth, Lewisham, Croydon, Sutton, Westminster to deliver Community Projects, where we work with young people on the following projects:

Youth Voice 

beingHer girls Wellbeing & Positive Choices Project

BIG SIS LIL SIS Mentoring Project

With Love, Anima Wellbeing & Sanitary Box

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