beingHER, is a wellbeing and positive choices project, aimed at girls age 13-17. The objectives of the beingHer project are for the girls to develop the needed skills to make positive life decisions to safeguard themselves and develop good emotional and mental wellbeing.

Each girls development on the programme is tracked using an outcomes star.

We currently deliver beingHer programmes in the following London Boroughs:



We always tailor our programmes to the needs of the group of girls we are working with, however, the main topics we cover in sessions and workshops include:

Healthy Relationships


Safety Planning

Youth Violence 

Period Hygiene

Mental Health Wellbeing

Nutrition & Cooking

Stress Management

Rights of women​

Within each beingHer programme, the girls are given a budget, supervised by the team, to develop their own youth social action project based on some of the things they have learned about.


For example, one set of girls in our Croydon programme delivered a small community show, which educated their family and friends on healthy relationships. working with girls age 13-17. to develop their own youth social action project. 

Once the girls have been on the beingHer programme, they will be given an opportunity to become 'Big sisters' as part of the beingHer JR project, peer supporting girls in year 6 who will be joining their secondary school at the beginning of the upcoming academic year.

If you are interested in having the beingHer programme delivered in your school, or youth club please send our friendly team an email