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Virtual Mentoring Project

The BigSisLilSis Mentoring Project is a transformative initiative aimed at supporting marginalised girls and young women who are vulnerable or at risk of exploitation, isolation, and mental health challenges.


Launched during the 2020 pandemic, the project has grown rapidly, with 70 girls currently enrolled and 62 dedicated mentors providing guidance and support.

The core of the program revolves around matching each girl with a volunteer BigSis mentor who is relatable and shares a similar social and cultural background. This approach fosters a strong, empathetic connection that enables the mentors to effectively address the unique challenges faced by these young women.


Our Local Authority Referral partnerships, particularly with the London Borough of Southwark, facilitate the referral of 40% of the girls participating in the project.

In addition to the main mentoring program, BigSisLilSis also provides vital support to 15 young mothers aged 18-21, helping them navigate the challenges of early parenthood while promoting their personal growth and development.

To ensure the highest quality of mentorship, all BigSis mentors undergo thorough training, including Therapeutic Mentoring, before being assigned to a mentee. Some of our dedicated mentors even support two girls at a time. They are further supported by a Volunteers Project Assistant, who provides ongoing assistance and resources throughout the mentoring process.

The success of the BigSisLilSis Mentoring Project is a testament to the power of community support and the importance of providing tailored guidance to at-risk girls and young women. With multi-year funding from Reaching Communities, the project is poised to continue making a significant positive impact on the lives of those it serves.

Hey, Big Sis

An introduction of a  small selection of our amazing Big Sis Mentors

Hey, Lil Sis

Our lovely Lil Sis' share their progress with their Big Sis' check-ins

How is it going?

 ... it's funny because we are so similar and I see a lot of myself in her. We've been having some really good discussions on topical issues (she is so clever), and I've also been helping her with her personal statement and uni application stuff because she's applying for history which is what I studied at university.


So to sum up, we're getting along great and everything seems to be going well so far... 'm really enjoying the whole process and am really hoping that we can do the meet up in December because it would be so nice to meet in person!

- Yes, you did a really good job on the matching with us so I want to say thank you so much!

Big Sis Mentor

Things have been going really well... I see so many similarities between me & her, despite us growing up in different places in the UK.

We’ve mostly been discussing her settling into sixth form, during COVID / ways to reduce anxiety / general confidence building techniques. Overall things have been going great, every time we’ve been on the phone for over two hours and it doesn’t feel like long at all!

...things have been going good we are building a bond, and she’s such a clever, strong & inspirational young woman from what I know. We also text in-between which is been really nice!

Big Sis Mentor

We had our first conversation on Thursday which was lovely! We talked about films (we're both hopeless romantics and love LOVE so everything romcom related was discussed lol), she is into Korean dramas which I've never watched so will probably watch together, she reads a lot and we have similar tastes in books. 

We had our second conversation today and talked a little bit more about university and what research she has already done into uni options etc. This is something I'm planning to go through in more detail with her in the future so we can know what career paths are available in sustainable development and find a course best suited for her. 

Big Sis Mentor
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