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Body Changes

Here are some of the body changes that I noticed growing up and tips


I’m a heavy flow girl and there’s nothing like sitting down and being worried that you’re leaking so here are my tips


I have to wear 2 and I use pads made for the night & have wings! And the extra-long ones (e.g. Always Night Platinum). If you use Tampons, there are also different lengths and sizes for different types of flo's so try some out and see if they help.


Finding the right shape that covers your bum enough, fits you tight enough but isn’t super tight is soo important. It’s important that it’s fitted because I’ve found that I leak more easily when my pad isn’t close enough to my vagina (TMI soz!) so if doesn’t hug your area enough then it’s more susceptible to find its way on your jeans.


Especially on days that I have to go out, I will wear some kind of shorts underneath my bottoms. I recommend fitting cycle shorts (they’re not the thickest material but help to keep everything else in place and don’t show through my outfit) or like those slimming shorts or any other shorts. They’re just another piece of material to protect you from showing.


Your period can get heavier or lighter as you get older and be different each cycle. If you get heavy periods, always be attentive to when you need to change your pad/tampon. Can you smell it? Does it feel a bit heavy? Are you feeling a bit more uncomfortable?

N.B. when you go out, try and plan where you’ll be able to use a toilet and change too.

In my pads bag, I also pack spare underwear, nappy bags for my used pads to dispose of, a heating pad for my pain, and extra painkillers.

SUDDEN BODY ODOR: normal and comes usually as puberty sets in. I recommend always putting on a roll-on first, then using a spray on top of that area and, if you can, a little perfume on your clothes/under your ears. Doesn’t have to be expensive either! I use Primark’s £2 mini bottled perfumes and have that in my bag with deodorant - just incase I need a top up!

If you have any worries or confusions about the changes you're experiencing and don't want to talk to family, or your GP about it, drop us a DM! Nothing's too weird or awkward for us

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