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myMindCare works with young people in schools and communities in London to deliver workshops on Mental Health wellbeing, with the aim of providing Prevention and Early Intervention. 

Some of our past workshops have included:

Self Care: Negative Thoughts Balloon Release

Mindfulness: Present feelings painting 

 Girls&Gloves (Wellbeing & Self Defence boxing)

In addition to the workshops, we also offer a myMindCare 6-week programme, both 1-2-1 and in groups, working with young people to provide early intervention, prevention and support for those waiting to be assessed by CAHMS. The programme is fully customisable, and we will also conduct a needs assessment, to ensure the programme is centred around the young person/people within the programme.


If you are interested in having the myMindCare programme or workshop  delivered in your school, youth club, or you would like to refer a young person or group of young people, please send our friendly team an email to

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