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If you like Food, read this

FOOD! Singlehandedly, what’s on my mind more than probably anything else during the day. I love food but I don’t really love cooking. And I’m impatient so the food needs to be quick, healthy to an extent but most importantly (for me) TASTY.

We often forget that what we eat actually makes a difference to our minds, moods, and all of our inside gunk so random sporadic meals or just eating the same thing every single day isn’t the best for us.

When I was a teen, my mum didn’t always have a lot of money so sometimes we’d have £2 each to get food for ourselves for the evening which meant we'd just get chicken & chips which is not the most nutritious food to be consistently consuming. So since that experience and being a uni student for 4 years, I've picked up some easy meals to make and afford.

Here’s a couple of cheap and easy dishes you can prepare or ask your guardian to incorporate into the meal plan at home.

You can adapt these vegan dishes to suit your dietary requirements at home but I tried the chickpea recipe & it was great (I added chicken wings on the side for extra protein hahaha)

My favourite quick meals:

  • Tomato soup with bread and whatever protein/meat I have at home (tinned tomato soup=warm up, either sliced or frozen bread roll put in oven to reheat till warm)

  • Potatoes with many fillings: Potatoes are amazing. I prefer in the oven-roasted or boil or mash them up {if mash add a little bit of milk, butter & salt, and pepper to make it tastier}. Filling options: Tuna Mayo Sweetcorn, SpagBol Mince Sweetcorn, Cheese


Use this pinwheel to make a dish you’d like. Just choose something from each section and get that on your plate & you’re practically a chef!

(It’s half term this week and we know that the government has decided against funding free school meals. If you are entitled to free school meals or just know that things are a bit hard at home and this half term your parents/carers won’t be able to provide in that way-drop us a message and let us know what area you live in. We’d like to try to connect you with those providing free meals in your area.)


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