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What if the Grass IS greener on the other side? (Comparison)

It's a super common comfort tactic that when you feel jealous or start comparing yourself to someone else, you're told to remember that the grass isn't greener on their side. Aka, what you want may not be all it's cracked up to be or their life may not be as perfect as it seems.

And that's true. No one's life is perfect and nothing is perfect. BUT what if, you know that but still want that thing. E.g. being really poor and unable to pay your bills may cause you to really want to be rich because having money would solve that problem.

Someone trying to convince you to stop wanting to be rich because "the rich have problems too" can be quite unhelpful.


We do it all the time. It's quite hard to just stop comparing yourself to other people/things. Comparison can be really damaging too. But one way to shield yourself from that is

Learning to strive for more without forgetting to appreciate what I have now

The balance is hard but as you grow up, you’ll start achieving and obtaining a lot of the things you currently dream of e.g. having your own money, a car etc.

But what often gets lost is the ability to be satisfied and stay in the moment

My advice: use the sandwich/burger technique. One good thing = the bun., one thing you can’t wait to have = the meat, one good thing again = bottom of the bun.

This means that you'll always be grounding yourself with what you do have e.g.

⁃I’m so happy I am/have…

⁃And I can’t wait till I am/have…

⁃But I’m so grateful I am/have…

and still be able to recognise what you don't have and want.

Comparison gets really damaging when we get completely consumed by what we don't have. So practice grounding yourself with the Burger technique.

I’ll go first…

I’m so happy I have dimples.

And I can’t till I am happy with my body weight & can wear all I want to

But I’m so grateful my body functions well enough to do everything I want to with my life.

Do 2 or 3 with the things that come to mind first and see how that feels this week!

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