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Bouncing Back from Failures

The inevitable is unavoidable. No matter how slick, quick, well-read, well-informed or well-experienced you are-you can’t except yourself from failing.

Sometimes, when we fail at something it’s not even the fact that we didn’t succeed at that thing-it’s that we take it as a reflection of who we are. The fact that we failed becomes part of our identity.

Have you ever said something stupid and then immediately said to yourself “You’re so dumb!”?

I have and still do-almost automatically.

I think that’s what makes it hard to bounce back from failures. It’s hard to separate yourself from something you’ve accepted as part of who you are.

I want us to challenge ourselves this week to notice what we say to ourselves or what other people label us & question it. If you do make a mistake or don’t achieve the goal you set for yourself, what’s the first thing you to yourself?

If it’s: “I am..” pause there.

Failing once, twice, three or a million times doesn’t mean you are a failure. It means you’ve failed once, twice, three or a million times.

You are not a product of your actions as hard as it for us to accept that.

When you failed in something, the only fact is just that. At the point, in that act, you did not succeed as much as you would’ve liked to. That moment does not define who you are, who you’ve been or determined what you are capable of in the future.

That’s how you bounce back from your failures. When you understand that not succeeding was just a moment in your life, it’s easier to see the lesson in the L like everyone goes on about. Because you’re not so focused on how the moment reflects who you are. You can still be sad/angry/frustrated about the L’s but always remember that on the other side, you are not incapable of succeeding in the future and you will.

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