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Dreams, Passions & Goals - Creating a Vision Board

For years, I’ve put off making one of these because of fear & the disbelief that my dreams could ever come true but with this extremely different & difficult year about to pass, I think we all need something to remind ourselves of where we’re heading-even if our circumstances don’t look that promising.

That’s basically what a vision board is for. It’s creating a visual representation of your dreams, passions and goals to help you stay focused, inspired & motivated!

Vision Boards are subconsciously super powerful because they lift our moods, remind us of where we’re headed to and give us the motivation to keep ongoing. Just by seeing images of what we want to have!

Having dreams can be scary because sometimes people put them down or we think we’re not capable of achieving them or because it’s a dream that no one else has done before BUT regardless of all those things, it doesn’t mean it won’t happen!

Your vision board is not for what you think is the most realistic depiction of your future life. Your vision board is for all the things you hope to have, be and want! No limits. No boundaries. No put-downs!

So guys, get creative with me! I’m about to walk you through it as I make mine!


Make sure you're in a good mood! *queue Bad Vibes by MO*

Play your favourite music/playlist and get some snacks if you can!

Write a list of your passions, dreams and goals.

Write everything down in present tense e.g. I have a 3 bedroom home and 2 brown cats, Take your time to do this. Ask yourself Who u want to be / What you want to do / What you want to have. Remember to be specific too! If your goal is to have a big house-how many bedrooms? In what area? What MUST the house come with? Can you find an example on Zoopla or Rightmove?

Once your list is done, the fun part is sourcing the images and words

Either from a magazine or Google Images/Instagram/Pinterest. Find images/quotes/words that match or signify the things you've written on your list. Copy them to a Word document and get printing!

Get glueing and layering

Tip: place them on your board first to see how they’d all fit then start glueing/pinning them down

When you’re done, you must put your board in a place you'll see every day!

We'd love to see the vision boards you've created so DM us or tag us in your creations @animayouth!

If you have any questions or need some advice around your dreams, passions or goals, or even something unrelated - message us on the web chat Wednesdays 4-6PM or DM us on Instagram.



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