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The truth about Sugar Daddies

You may have received one of these weird messages before. Interestingly, this account no longer exists which suggests to me that this was someone pretending to be a Sugar Daddy...

If you’re not familiar with the term Sugar Daddy/Mummy. It refers to someone who is substantially wealthier than yourself (usually quite older too) who wants sexual pleasure or company from someone, in exchange for buying them expensive gifts or giving them money.

When it comes to young people under the age of 18, this type of relationship is actually a form of child sexual exploitation, no matter if the young person believes they have consented.

In English Law, consent isn't recognised in Child Sexual Exploitation, as a child can't consent to be exploited.

There are varied reasons why rich people want Sugar Babies. For some it’s apparent loneliness, a busy lifestyle that makes it difficult for them to have proper relationships, a means to have an affair etc. And for people who have Sugar Mummy’s/Daddies, it’s often a way to afford the luxuries of life or get an extra form of income.

But not all that glitters is gold. Here’s The Truth About Sugar Daddies.

1. The choice to be a sugar baby can only be taken by adults 18+. If you are under 18 we strongly recommend against accepting money/gifts or seeking out a Sugar Daddy, as this can be incredibly vulnerable.

2. It’s highly risky business. If you do start talking to a potential Sugar Daddy or want to meet up with one. You should ALWAYS, ALWAYS let someone, responsible, know the details of who that person is, where you’re meeting them etc. BUT DO NOT GO. Similarly, if you were going to meet a random stranger off the internet. Only this time, this meeting is transactional.

3. The Sugar Daddy expects something of you e.g. time, compliments, attention, sexual acts etc. in exchange for their money or expensive gifts. No matter how nice they may be, the relationship is still transactional and constitutes as Child Sexual Exploitation which is a form of child abuse.

4. Child Sexual Exploitation, a type of Sexual Abuse, is when a child (anyone under 18) is given things like gifts, drugs, money, status or/& affection, in exchange for performing sexual activities (including things like sending nudes or any kind of sexual picture). This law is not only exclusive to Sugar Daddy/Mummy situations but applies in any other circumstance where that is going on.

5. Be careful of online scammers posing as Sugar Daddies. No matter how attractive the idea is, you should not send over your bank details, home address or any personal identification details.

If you’re ever worried about a Sugar Daddy agreement or anything surrounding that, please do not hesitate to message us. Or some of our friends over at:


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