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How to Re-invent Yourself (no money needed)

Every once in a while, usually after a birthday or huge change, we feel like we need to change too. We want to massively grow or be a completely new version of ourselves. And that’s okay. Sometimes it’s needed…

1. Play a good song and Brainstorm everything you like about yourself. You can stop when the song ends.

2. On the same page, write down areas you’d like to improve on or gain

3. Pick 3 to work on for the month

4. Choose one of those to work on for the week

5.Figure out the best way to remind yourself of that thing you want to work on e.g. creating a lock screen, a sticky note on your mirror, journaling about it at the end of the day/week etc

6. Remember that personal journeys aren’t linear. It’s taken you (insert your age) years to be all those things you’ve written in point 1. So don’t beat yourself up for days when you forget or do the complete opposite of what it takes

7. Apparently it takes 21 days to build a habit and 90 to make it a lifestyle. That timeline may be different for you but internal change, 99% of the time, doesn’t happen easily overnight

8. So keep trying and don’t give up on yourself!

9. You’ll look back one day at the moment you decided to change on your own terms + at a time you were ready to & be happy you did because…oh crap…you did it!

You changed for the better by taking each day as it came!

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