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How to start your business without money

Business babes assemble!

We are in a time where the 'in' thing is to be able to work for yourself by having your own business (or businesses!) and I love it!! It's exciting to see people be creative and starting things from the ground up. And while not having your own business or working for someone else is nothing to be ashamed of, if you have the desire to start or grow your business then this blog is for you. NO SPOILERS but make sure you read till the end.

A good business provides a service or product that fixes a problem.

British Gas fixes the issue of being cold in the winter. PaintedbyEsther provides a service that fixes the problem of wanting to look your best in makeup, without having excellent skills in makeup. McDonalds fixes the issue of being hungry but wanting food that tastes good & doesn't take an age to make. Your Youtube channel could operate as a business where you provide tips or relatable content.

Whatever it is, figure out what problem your business idea would be solving.


Your WHY is almost as important as your business idea itself but it will motivate you through the tough moments.


When developing your idea, try being as detailed as possible as to how you will execute your business. Do you need to source items, if so from where? Are you making the product yourself? Who is your audience & how do you plan on reaching them? But...


Money is a hugely important factor for any business simply because we live in a capitalist society. If you haven’t got any money to fund your business, do you know someone who does i.e. friends or family? They might be willing to invest in your idea with £5 and you tell them that they will get 10% off your first sale? How creative can you be in convincing and being resourceful?

But not everyone has a support network that can financially support them, I didn’t and neither did Eloise Anima Dickens when she started Anima Youth at age 19. Even at a slightly older age, Eloise still struggled to get the basics of her business started e.g. getting a website made, because of lack of funds. Which is why she’s set up this fund.

This £150 seed fund donation is separate from Anima Youth as it’s from Eloise’s personal finances. She's now a multiple business owner but many of businesses she started or had ideas about were from when she was your age, so youth entrepreneurship is personally close to her heart.


3 businesses will win £50 each. The businesses could already be running or just an idea that needs some funding to bring to fruition. All you have to do is:

Create a 1minute max. Elevator Pitch video (that will be posted on our Instagram feed)

In your video tell us about:

1. Your business/business idea

2. What you would spend the £50 on & why you want it

The videos need to be DM to @AnimaYouth by the 4th September with a message stating your name and email address. Be as creative as you want but you won’t be judged on how well you can edit but your passion and business idea.

The Anima Youth team will have the final say on the 3 businesses that will win but as your videos will be posted on our Instagram page we will be using engagement on the videos to help advise our final decision so get your friends and family to share/comment/like when your video is on our Instagram feed.

Nervous? Excited? Shy?

We get it! Which is why we will be hosting an IG LIVE with the CEO of Pekish Petalz Cake business-Nashada. She started her cake business at 16 and since then has made over 340 cakes including a cake for Ivorian Doll! She’ll be sharing her wisdom & experience with starting a business at a young age, dealing with friends & family + so much more.



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