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How to Reach out for Help

Reaching out for help, no matter how much you need it, usually becomes harder to do as you get older. Why? Because we judge maturing and growing up by how independent someone is able to be. So we literally grow up with the desire to be more private & less reliant but the scary part of life is that, it’s not that great when you try to do it alone.

And everyone will, at some point, need help.

This is for those that need help but don’t know how or what to say.

What you can say:

Hey, I’m really struggling at the moment. Is it okay if I explain?

Can I talk to you about something that’s bothering me?

I don’t think I’m ok at the moment and I wanted to speak to someone I trust…

I think I need some help with _ because I’m struggling with _

I don’t know if there’s anything you can do to change it but can I speak to you about something?

Sometimes we need help but we don’t feel like anyone can help us. E.g. your parents are getting a divorce and things have been really loud, rude and you feel like you’re caught in the middle of it. It’s been getting you really down because you don’t want your family to split up.

Talking to your best friend won’t get your parents to stay together that's true. It may not stop them from fighting but opening up will make you feel less alone in your situation because someone else will know.

You might discover that your friend can relate and give you advice on how they got through a similar situation.

You’ll have someone to share the situation with and any moments where you feel super low.

You’ll have someone who will be able to check up on you and offer you a distraction from it if you needed.

A lot of the time, we avoid reaching out for help because we think

  1. The other person won’t understand

  2. They have no power to change what’s making us upset

But the majority of the time, even with super big problems we face, we think we’ll only feel better when the problem is solved but a lot of the time talking to someone makes us feel less alone, helpless and hopeless.

If you have any more questions about this topic or want some help then message us on the webchat Wednesdays 4-6PM or DM us on Instagram.!


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