Though Anima Youth works with all young people, supporting them in various areas to help with their transition into independent life. We specialise in projects supporting young women and girls, in particular those at risk of violence, inequality and abuse. Young Queens UK is a CORE project of Anima Youth, it was the first ever project launched by Anima Youth in 2014. It is now an umbrella, which hosts all of our specialist girls projects.


The Young Queens UK Sisterhood programme is mentoring and peer mentoring programme, which is aimed at supporting girls and young women age 12-19 years of age. The objective of this programme is to improve confidence in young women, raise their aspirations, improve emotional issues and create positive social networks that without the Sisterhood programme, they may not have had access to.


The Young Queens UK Career Development programme supports girls and young women between the ages of 12-19 with career opportunities guidance, preparation and a professional career mentor in the area of the desired field of work. The objectives of this programme are to raise aspirations in young women, improve confidence, improve social mobility, provide access to a positive role-model, increase access into employment and decrease gender inequality and its effect on girls. 


The Young Queens Uk beingHER programme, is a wellbeing and positive choices programme, aimed at girls who are at risk of gang involvement, gang and sexual exploitation, and those with emotional and behavioural issues. beingHer will equip girls between the ages of 13-17 of all abilities, backgrounds, and ethnicities with early intervention, through group intervention sessions on topics such developing assertiveness, making positive decisions, healthy relationships, mental health, female health, self-esteem, aspiration and consent. During the last 2 months of the programme, the girls will be supported to develop a youth social action project, which will help raise awareness to their families, friends and the local community on the topics they've learnt throughout programme, with the aim of educating and raising awareness to the wider community. The objectives of this programme are: Raised Aspiration, Improved Emotional Wellbeing, Improved Life-Skills, Improved Self-Esteem, Improved Communication Skills, Improved Behaviour, Improved Positive Choices, Improved Health and Wellbeing and Increased Involvement in Volunteering and Social Action.

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