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What is love?

That is a super heavy question that I don’t think there will be one straight, universal answer for.

People have tried to categorise the different types of love

EROS – romantic love

AGAPE – selfless love

PHLIA – affectionate love

PRAGMA – enduring love

STORGE – familiar love

LUDUS – playful love

MANIA – obsessive love

PHILATUIA – self-love

And many more different types.

Some have said that love even has a language :

Acts of Service


Words of Affirmation

Physical Touch

Quality Time

But the truth is, these things only help us to find our definition of what love is.

I thought long and hard of what love is to me and I couldn’t think of a good sentence to string but what I can tell you is what love is not:

Love doesn’t force you to be something you’re not

Love doesn’t pressure you to break your boundaries

Love isn’t abusive emotionally, physically, financially or sexually.

Love is not perfect all the time but love doesn’t repeat the same mistakes.

Love isn’t always easy or a given.

As we grow up, you realise how you were loved (or the lack of love you were shown) has formed your idea of love & how you see it.

Sometimes you realise that you were loved really well and others weren’t so they think & act differently to you. Other times, you realise that you weren’t loved in the best way so how you act & think is different from others.

As you take more laps around the sun, how you want to be loved will change with the things you experience, the people you encounter & the person you become.

The only thing that doesn’t change is the fact that you deserve to be loved.

Do you know how to give yourself the love you want from others?

Do you know how you to love yourself?

What makes you know when you’re loved by someone?

If you have any more questions about this topic or want some help then message us on the webchat Wednesdays 4-6PM or DM us on Instagram!


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