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Thinking about losing/gaining weight?


Before we get started, I’d like to remind you that you are enough. Don’t glance over. It’s actually true. You are enough-even in the dissatisfied state you may be in.

Weight is a touchy subject. I mean it is for me, at least. There’s definitely not been a week in my life, since I was 8, that I haven’t looked at my body to scrutinise its size. Rarely do I ever think, wow I’m so happy with how I look today.

And I say all this as someone’s who’s BMI (not really the best way of measuring health albeit) has never been dangerously unhealthy for me to feel like my weight is ‘do or die’ enough for it to constantly plague my mind or behaviour. But it has. And I’ll tell you why I’m now okay with that.

I’ve figured out what works for me. Getting back at an ex wasn’t enough for me to have the body I wanted. Feeling uncomfortable in my clothes didn’t motivate me for long enough. Hating how I looked and wishing I could just get scissors to cut my Fupa away didn’t help.

Tbh, all those things pushed me to either sleep, order my favourite junk food and hate myself a little more inside.

I NEED TO BE HAPPY WITH MYSELF before I can try and do anything to change my body.

I realised this after I took myself on a solo date. I went on the Emirates Air line alone, faced my fear of heights, rewarded myself with an overpriced ice cream and woke up the next day happy because my solo date went so well. In other words, I did something for myself that made me happy = self love. I then thought, let me put on a workout video and start the day. And I did just that.

And I felt good.


If you want to change your body so you can be a happier, healthier version of yourself do this first:

Consult your GP. All that means is calling up your GP (you can do this without an adult’s permission at your age), asking for a telephone appointment then asking your GP this: “I want to try and lose/gain weight. With my medical history (or even still lack of one) is there any advice or warnings you’d like to give me?” And if you are planning to do a particular diet or change up your routine drastically, inform them of that too. They can’t force you to do anything but it’s wise to always make the most informed decision possible.

Be honest with yourself. Do you have unhealthy eating habits? e.g. skipping meals, making yourself be sick after you eat something, punishing yourself for eating something unhealthy. Do you believe that no matter what weight or size you are, that you are still beautiful and worthy of love (from yourself and others)?

If you realise that you do have unhealthy habits or/& you don't love yourself as much as you'd want to, focus on that first.

Check out a blog we made about Body Positivity:

If you are struggling with your body image and eating, and want help, speak to your GP about your concerns and also check out this site're-worried-about-how-you-look-

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