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How to Budget

This one is for the people that blow their lunch money before Friday's Fish & Chips and have to beg and plead for an extra £2.

That girl was me.

I was (and still sometimes, am but shh don't tell anyone!) terrible at budgeting.

I'd split my £20 a week accordingly: £4 a day. Easy to remember!

Then the smell of a Bacon butty would hit me on Tuesday morning and I'm somehow in the canteen & on Wednesday the lunch ladies would decide to make Apple Crumble (my fav!!) & that's left me with a very satisfied stomach but only £2 left for the week.

So, here's how to be better than me:

  1. Have a plan. If you get an allowance or lunch money or bday money. Figure out how you want to spend it e.g. £3 a day or £25 a week or £20 at TGI Fridays on the 30th November

  2. Figure out what you want/need to spend it on first. This way you can see what you *actually* have to overspend with.

  3. Make it realistic. If you get £20 a week for school dinners & lunch is £3.50, trying to spend £4 a day while getting a school lunch & a McFlurry after school every day is not realistic. You might have to create McFlurry Mondays in order to still have enough money for Lunch by Friday.

  4. Save your coins! I LOVE food and so I knew I could easily have breakfast at school, break time food and lunchtime food which would easily be £6 a day! I didn't have that money so I would bring food from my house for break & resist going near the canteen in the mornings.

  5. Be disciplined. Try to be stern with yourself. Limit the temptations to overspend and think of the end goal or the consequences of your overspending (it was hungry Fridays or packed lunch for me! :()

Happy Saving, girls!

If you have any questions or need more advice on budgeting then message us on the web chat Wednesdays 4-6PM or DM us on Instagram.


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