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Friendship Break-Ups at School

Friendship break ups at school can feel like the worst thing in the world. Friendship break-ups are hard because, a lot of the time, you can’t avoid someone who’s in your class 5 days a week. You have to see them whether you like them or not.

And I have been there. I had a friendship break up with the “head huncho” of my friendship group. She wasn’t Regina George but if she said, she wanted to go out to the field, we’d all agree and make our way. It was like that

so when we stopped talking, it was like no one else in the group wanted to chill with me too and I felt like a “beg” chilling with them if the “Regina George” wasn’t present.

So I had to adapt. And here’s what I learnt from that experience

1. Don’t lie to yourself

Friendship break ups hurt and they suck. I didn’t anyone to know it even effected me, or that I cared or that I was a sheep so I even tried to convince myself that it didn’t hurt me losing a friend. This made it harder on those lonely lunch time days because I was so worried about “faking it” There’s nothing wrong about acknowledging that you miss someone. It doesn’t make you weaker

2. POSITIVE Distractions

For the first few days you might naturally want to avoid coming to school. That *isn’t* a positive distraction and you will still have to eventually come back and face them. Positive distractions are like going to the ICT room to do homework during lunch time, reading a book during break time or chilling with that person you get along with in class but never sit with them at lunch

3. You’re going to be okay

At the time, I felt so lonely, embarrassed and awkward and I thought I’d never enjoy school again. But that time, taught me how to be comfortable on my own and find ways to entertain myself. It made me feel proud of myself for daring to respect myself & not put myself in the midst of people who didn’t respect me or want me around.

I also found new friends and people I would’ve overlooked, became good friends. I got a lot of work done at school and focused a lot more to drown out the fact that I felt excluded at times.

Just because this person or group of people have excluded you from the group or no longer want to be your friend, it doesn’t mean you’ll never be able to have close friendships in the future or that there’s no-one out there who will accept you for you.

Believe me, the world is bigger than your school and great people will come into your life. Hang in there. The years will fly by xx!

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