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Sleep problems: Do I have insomnia?

I remember only taking sleep seriously when I had an exam the next day & was super stressed because I hadn’t revised enough. So I’d make sure I had a full 8 hours of sleep to maximise my chances of passing my exams even though I had barely done enough revision. Even though that's a poor revision technique, I wasn't wrong because sleeping enough does allow your brain to perform at its best.

But as I type this to you, on only 3.5 hours of sleep and a full day of work ahead of me, trust me when I say: sleep is more important than just on just exam nights!

I am egg-sauce-stead.

And as girls, it’s so common for us to feel more tired at certain times e.g. on our periods or just before/after or because of health conditions like iron-deficiency/anaemia. So here are my tips to help you get a better night’s sleep:

  1. Figure out how much light you need. Some like darkness. I’m 22 & I sleep with my lights on. Call me a baby but it relaxes me. Try mood lights/side lamps or colour changing lights/lamp

  2. Sound: Do nature sounds or rainfall? Or dolphin sounds to relax you? Try putting a video on in the background on a quiet level.

  3. How long you sleep for: We’re meant to get at least 6-8 hours of sleep at night. Plan that. If you wake up at 6am for school, I know it’s super early (and you might miss the banter in the group chat) but be ready for bed by 10pm

  4. Food: I know there are rumours about how

  5. Drink something before bed. Water is also good but also night time hot drinks e.g. Horlicks/Ovaltine. These are like hot chocolate drinks with the intention of making you fall asleep so if you can, find them in your local supermarket & try them before bed.

  6. Your phone. As someone with a screen time of more than 10hours, I’d be wrong to say switch off your phone all night. But it actually does help if you can leave it aside, at least 15min before you want to sleep.

7. Take a second to Pray. Read. Think or Breathe. Intentionally slow your mind down, set your alarm and put your phone away from sight or easy reach. Inhale through your nose, exhale out of your mouth. And pray if you're religious, read a chapter of a book, think about something positive or that you're looking forward to or just pay attention to your breathing.

8. For those with anxiety/racing mind: When you're anxious, it's common for your mind to start racing about the day you just had or about tomorrow. If trying to block those thoughts don't work, note them down as they come. This will help you to feel calm knowing you don't have to remember them & they are sorted somewhere that's outside of your mind and should allow you to relax enough to sleep.

Sometimes poor sleep can be a sign of insomnia, iron-deficient anaemia, mental health issues etc. So if you feel like you still really struggle, then please message us on the webchat at 4-6PM or DM us on Instagram.


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