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5 Things You can do for Free when You're Feeling Low

You know when you wake up and you’re in a bad mood for no reason. Like you didn’t even have a nightmare and you’re yet to be bothered by your annoying sibling but you still feel low?

That happened to me one day and it was annoying not being able to figure out why I was so sad. But anyway, I go to have my shower with my phone in hand, like the Apple addict I am and I remembered *In the Heights!*

If you're not familiar, In The Heights is a musical and the soundtrack is one of my favourites that always puts me in a good mood. So, I decided to put the soundtrack on while I showered.

By the time I finished showering, I was in a good mood! Literally just like that. I couldn't believe how simple it was. Sometimes, we forget how easy it can be to elevate our mood so here are 5 things worth trying when you're feeling a bit blue...

1. Write what’s bothering you down

2. Talk to someone that makes you smile

3. Watch your favourite YouTube video/TV series/movie

4. Create something (e.g. art, a TikTok, food) or clean or reorganise

5. Remember that thing that usually makes you happy. And try it.

If you’re persistently feeling low, there might be other ways that can help you.

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