beingHer JR

beingHER JR, is the peer2peer mentoring and relationship building project, specifically working with year 6's and supporting them with their preparation into secondary school. Within this project, we work in collaboration with the secondary school we deliver the beingHer project in, and their partner primary school. The programme takes a peer2peer support approach, and works by pairing up girls we have worked with for some period of time, who are on the beingHer project within the secondary schools we work in, with selected  girls in the partner primary school.


Throughout the year we deliver lunch time, after school and weekend meet ups, supervised and fully supported peer2peer social mentoring sessions, which involve both the beingHer 'big sisters' and beingHerJR 'little sisters'

During the summer holidays, we put together a joint 3 day residential for the beingHer 'big sisters' and beingHerJR 'little sisters'. With the aim of solidifying their relationships and ensuring we are providing the beingHerJr 'little sisters' with essential early intervention against CSE, and other forms of exploitation, whilst developing their ability to make positive choices and develop their wellbeing, ready for when they start secondary school in September.  


Some of the topics we cover during the sessions at the residential include:


Safe Travelling 

Healthy Relationships


Mental Health Wellbeing 

Period Hygiene 

note: The beingHer 'big sisters' will always be girls in the secondary school the beingHer Jr young people will be going too. They will also always be in year 9 or 10 to ensure they are still in the school come September.


If you are interested in having the beingHerJR programme delivered in your school, whether you are a secondary school or primary school, send our friendly team an email at