YOUNG QUEENS UK is an Umbrella, which hosts the core projects of Anima Youth. The projects under Young Queens UK are an all-inclusive female project, which aim to support girls and young women to achieve and develop in all areas of their lives, with the mission to build up resilient girls who are well equipped to transition into adulthood. 


The project has been working with girls andyoung women across London and Essex and has been running since April 2014, when the Anima Youth was first created, making it the very first project of Anima Youth, thus the core project of Anima Youth. To date, the programmes under Young Queens UK has reached just under 4,000 young women and worked directly with 1,300  young women. 


Young Queens UK was first developed as a Project by Anima Youth Founder & CEO Eloise, in her first year of university, as she sat in her university campus room at 4AM. She was going through worries and anxiety over the future, in addition to toxic relationship circumstances. Though she had a great group of friends around her she wanted to find a group outside her existing social circle, which she could call a safe space and felt her development was held accountable to. Eloise couldn't find a project like this so she created what is now known as the Young Queens UK Sisterhood programme, involving peer-2-peer mentoring, development opportunities, and advice and mentorship for younger girls.


The  Young Queens UK project has now grown, still consisting of the SisterHOOD programme, beingHER and GirrlTalk